Obtaining as animal pharmaceutical products and equipment from Kapocs Kft

With  the help of  financial support from the European Union, we implemented the following projects: infrastructural investments, acquisitions of fixed assets and establishing a website at KAPOCS Állattenyésztő (stockbreeder )és Kereskedelmi (trading Ltd)Kft. On the real-estate at the following address: Szigetvár, Alapi Gáspár u. 6. 257/3 hrsz.; a 5 kWp solar collector system has been built up.  In the frame of acquisitions of fixed assets 1 piece of  Fujifilm FCR Prima T2, one of the most-up-to-date technology machine, help of which we can reach a higher level reading system; 1 piece of  Visiovet HF 1040 Mobiles x-ray machine was also obtained.  The purchased equipment can support the company and animal health care treatment with the most modern or more modern procedures/treatments system with quality and at an advanced level. The website kapocskft.hu has been set up; in addition the domain name registration and data storage service as well.  While realizing the project, we accomplished the obligatory information and publicity provisions.